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Default Discovered Custom EQ glitch in Sansa Clip.

I recently bought a Sansa Clip for on the go use, and was blown away by the sound, especially with the custom EQ and my Sennheiser Canalphones. I'm ususally not a big audiophile but noticed a glitch in the audio which can be replicated on my machine and I've informed Sandisk about it and want people to check and see if it's not just my machine.

Basically I have the EQ on custom to start off with for personal preference because I find the other presets flat. So if I start up the player after a certain period of time of it being off, or I switch from the FM radio to the music, then the sound will be flat like the presets. In order to correct this, I have to go to the EQ menu, highlight "normal" preset, which boosts the sound for some reason, then switch back to custom, which gives me my preferred audio. I don't know why it does this and it does it quite often. To make sure whenever I start an album I switch the EQ back to normal the custom to get the proper sound.

Can anyone confirm this. I know for sure that this occurs when switching from fm radio to an album, but it happens seemingly randomly when playing it from the start (which is what I do most of the time as I listen to it in the car and have no need for the radio feature). I hope someone is able to confirm this (or maybe not, it's better off being an isolated incident), but please check it out.

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I actually found how to re-produce it for sure. Basically if you have an album playing, just change the album through the music menu, and the EQ will reset and the volume will lower. To correct it you have to go to the EQ and select another eq, then reselect Custom EQ, or whatever EQ was selected originally, then your sound will restore.
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I did not notice this behavior. Did you upgrade to the latest firmware (1.01.15A)?
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I'm using the sansa updater but it's saying it can't find the latest firmware update.
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Anyone else have any input? And yes, I have the most recent firmware.
I had to return my first Clip due to this:

Now my second has this volume/EQ problem.
Should I exchange it again for another or move on to something else?
The clip is my first mp3 player and when it works it's great.
But these problems are getting frustrating and time consuming.
Plus I'm sure that their sales are impacted. Are all mp3 players this unreliable?

Update: I contacted tech. help at sandisk. Big mistake!
He acted as if they have never seen this problem before.
After the typical frustration of trying to understand someone from another country
and anger over being treated like an idiot with the common questions he defaulted to
"just re-format" and that will fix it.
Now the Album folder has vanished and that is where I put my music.
So fixed or not I am unable to load any music. I've now gone from bad to worse.
Oh, and he didn't call back to check on the problem like he said he would.

OK, here's the latest. With the forums and Sandisk unable to provide any insight,
I decided to do a second exchange, being the origional purchase was less than two weeks ago.
Sitting here with my third Clip, I see that this one has a much newer firmware version out of the box
(xxxxx.18). I downloaded the most recent firmware and loaded my music. No luck, same problem.
At least I feel comfortable knowing that this is probably a glitch in all Clips which will eventually
be fixed with an update.
Note to anyone from Sandisk that may read this:
This almost always happens when the EQ is in "rock" mode but has happened to me in "jazz" mode. Since rock, jazz & custom
are the only ones I listen to, I can't speak to the others. Please fix this!

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Latest FW version is 1.01.20a. See FW thread for locations.
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on reason that I moved away from Sandisk when i bought my last MP3 player is just this situation...they are good at making quality hardware...but their software is utter crap. They should hire someone just to make good software for their products, it would be worth the money spent IMHO to make their product that much better and sell that much more. I mean, how many people have you already heard say "I'd buy a View if the UI was different"?
Very cool ABi threads that you should enjoy: Demographic|Useless Knowledge|Guess That Movie|Currently Listening to...|Post Your Pic|What is it? game|More difficult What is it? game|
If you feel your thread is worthy...PM me!
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