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Default Discovered Custom EQ glitch in Sansa Clip.

I recently bought a Sansa Clip for on the go use, and was blown away by the sound, especially with the custom EQ and my Sennheiser Canalphones. I'm ususally not a big audiophile but noticed a glitch in the audio which can be replicated on my machine and I've informed Sandisk about it and want people to check and see if it's not just my machine.

Basically I have the EQ on custom to start off with for personal preference because I find the other presets flat. So if I start up the player after a certain period of time of it being off, or I switch from the FM radio to the music, then the sound will be flat like the presets. In order to correct this, I have to go to the EQ menu, highlight "normal" preset, which boosts the sound for some reason, then switch back to custom, which gives me my preferred audio. I don't know why it does this and it does it quite often. To make sure whenever I start an album I switch the EQ back to normal the custom to get the proper sound.

Can anyone confirm this. I know for sure that this occurs when switching from fm radio to an album, but it happens seemingly randomly when playing it from the start (which is what I do most of the time as I listen to it in the car and have no need for the radio feature). I hope someone is able to confirm this (or maybe not, it's better off being an isolated incident), but please check it out.

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