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Default Cannot save playlists in RockBox

This may have been addressed, and I am sorry if it has-- I've searched and searched, but cannot find a step-by-step.

*sigh* Call me st~p!d, if you like....

I'm using Rockbox, Kugel build on a Sansa E280

I'm using M$ Media Player 10 to get the files onto the player, as it preserves the artist-album folder hierarchy, which I like-- and since I can't get rid of it's bloat, why burden my system further? It just works.

Anyway, here is what I've tried:

Use Files from main menu (on player) Navigate to album (they are stored by artist folder, then individual album folders).

Select the album, which lists the tracks.

Then, highlight a track, click the context button (down) and select "add to playlist".

Do that for each track.

Finally, (context again) select >Playlist>Save current playlist and here is where I'm stumped.

I can name it whatever, with the virtual keyboard.

But, no matter WHAT I click, I can't seem to SAVE the darn thing! (I said I was being st~p~d, didn't I?)

I know it has to be something obvious....

I looked at the official manual, and supposedly clicking "play" will save it-- but, NOT THE CASE on my player!

Clicking "play" just moves the cursor UP a line!

How do I get it to save?

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