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Default the life of my battery-Archos 504

Hey archos 504 users. I just got my new archos actually it is my first MP4 player.
I love my device but I do have some questions though
The ones which are burning at this moment are
1-Battery life, how long is it suppose to last when watching videos? I love watching small 20 mins videos every time I watch one, it knock out two bars from the battery indicators, so what I did last weekend in a full battery I watched a movie after another the battery lasted 3H 40 mins! I was in total shock I was expecting more, is this normal? Or my battery came with a defect?
2-i tested the battery in music only and it lasted far longer. Why will it last more in music than in video?
Should i get a new battery or will it be the same? If so it is frustrating, that I have to recharge it every other day, I love watching videos every day.
3-i tested my DVR dock, it is great when recording from the TV but when done from a VCR (yes I know it is out dated but I have so many videos which I want to preserve and pass them to MP4) the image was either black and white or not 100% sharp as it is on the video tape, I wonder if I am doing anything wrong, I did some of the adjustment in the setting but still.. please help
P.S does any one know a free movie converter?
Thank you all
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