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Default Zenses Automatic (how i would like to see it work)

I think it is great how Zenes works now, but adding or making it a very simple automatic push of track information to Last.FM.

For instance: Zenses would be a simple tray icon and when the player is connected it automatically takes the play count information and uploads it. You could then click on the tray icon for extended features and options.
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If I'm allowed to dream... Zenses should just be integrated in the standard app, the one that runs with the Winamp plugin on my PC...
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im paranoid... i dont like automated things
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Originally Posted by Cptnodegard View Post
im paranoid... i dont like automated things
then why don't you like vista?
"would you like to send this tracks info to the untrusted Y/N?
Are you sure? Y/N
Warning sending these tracks could endanger you personal information and spread viruses to your pancreas are you sure you want to continue? Y/N"

I am sure you could get a set up like that going for your paranoia
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Then all personal information is sent to microsoft for reseach and devlopment only. Just to add to your paranoia!
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I'm very excited to see future versions and how they'll work. Enzo's idea of having it be in the system tray and automatically uploads the info is awesome. There's major potential with this program and I wish I was a programmer so I could experiment with it.
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Surely the most obvious idea is to have it pop up normally when you connect your device - with a [scrobble] button and a list of songs played, that way you can check them and you also get to know that something is being done.

My problem is that the s9 is still a bit shaky as i'm messing and deleting a lot so i'm yet to see how easy it gets.

Also surely there can be more people working on this - is open source and surely not all users use iPods - Spread the word!
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