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Default Deleting music files from my Zen M

I, somehow, have aquired double songs on my Zen. It is not all the songs... I see no discernable pattern to this. I have never had problems with my player, so this confounds me. I could go through each cd and manually delete the extra tracks, one at a time, but that would take far longer than I have the patience to invest. To add to the query, WMP doesn't reconize the extra tracks, so I can't delete then via my PC. I am not beyond deleting all the music tracks, and then doing a mass update. I do not want to reformat my player, as I would lose my video files also.

Any suggestions on an easier way out?

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AFAIK you have to delete them all and replace them, this problem is normally caused by auto syncing with too different library manger programs ( such as WMP and creative media source) you could try deleting all the tracks that you can see with WMP, and then see if the others are still there
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking I'll end up doing. But I've never use any sync software other than WMP.

Do you know if I can plug my player into my PC, browse the player's library via WMP, and delete them through the player's library instead of my desktop library?
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Something tells me it might be faster (and a lot less problematic) to do the following:
  1. Ensure you have a complete copy of everything in your player on your PC and monitored by WMP.
  2. Boot your player to Recovery Mode and reformat the disk.
  3. Within WMP, end its sync relationship with your device by right-clicking on its entry along the left side of WMP's library display. This must be done while the player is NOT connected to your computer.
  4. Plug in your player, let WMP recognize it, and re-establish sync relationship. Resync your library.
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I agree with ZenChick. This is the easiest way.
BUT; make sure you have back-up copies of everything you want to keep; pics, videos and music. Everything will be deleted. Just transfer everything you want to keep to a folder on you pc named "back-up on ZVM" or something like that. I had to learn that the hard way........
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