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Default e200 MultiBL

I was wondering if there was a way to have a number of options on which firmware file you want to load. I am using an e200r and i am dual-booting rockbox and e200 firmware. I found this site which had a modified version of the rockbox bootloader. It allows you to have an option on which firmware to dual-boot in. I've followed the directions perfectly but i get a message "load image failed, switch to recovery mode". After i recover, i try again but the same thing happens.

This is what i did:
1) downloaded h3mod themes and put them in the system folder. (.mi4)
2) renamed each one F0 through f5. (i used 5 themes)
3) I kept an OF.mi4 file so it would load the original firmware
4) I copied the MultiBL to the root of my sansa.
5) Then i renamed it "PP5022.mi4"
6) Then it said if i wanted to boot into rockbox by default, i must delete the "F0", so i did.
7) I kept the OF.mi4 file there so the firmware would load.
8) I rebooted the sansa and then i get that message

If anyone has the time, could you look at the site and maybe tell me what i am doing wrong. Since it is a modified version of the rockbox bootloader, i expected it to load like the original rockbox bootloader because the original worked fine for me.

Here's the link:
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