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Page Have A T9 Question? Ask Me here.

Note: I have added most of the questions that have been asked here to THIS post so if you need help check if the answer is here and THEN post.

I Garentee
that I can answer your T9 Questions. If I can't I will refer you to someone that can answer in well detail what you are asking.

Ok to get things started lets go to the most common question out there:

Q: My T9 won't start/wont charge! Nothing appears on the screen no matter what I do!

A: All that has likey happened is the T9 froze while the screen was black. To undo this simply press the menu and A-B/* (record) simultaneously.

Q: What are the newest firmwires ?

1.80 UMS
__________________________________________________ ____________

Q: How do i attach lyrics to my music WITHOUT using the file as stated in previous post.

If I recall the only way to view lyrics with music playing without the converter program is to simpley view text while listening.

I will download that program for you and repost an English Lyric Converter in the next few days.

Originally Posted by Digital Assassin View Post

When is the next T-9 firmware being released?

A: Although we can all hope it will come out it won't. The new "season" of Samsung MP3 has been started and the "old" (T9) won't even "exist" according to Samsung.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Q: Originally Posted by T9girlforlife:

How do I play music when the T9 is charging?

A: You can listen to music when it is charging BUT only when you have it plugged into an outlet charger i.e. NOT the computer!

__________________________________________________ ________

Q: I connected my T9 to my new Laptop/Computer and the SMS only shows the files that where added from my laptop. How do I fix this?

If you need to delete files from the player you can do that in file browser but I recommend that you transfer all the music for the old computer that you still want and add it to the new laptop. Now format the T9 and add the files to the computer that you will always use so you don't have to format it again.

NOTE: The type of software you are using is what causes that problem. It CANNOT be eliminated till we have a firm 3rd party software for the T9.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Q: Is it possible to downgrade from 1.8 UMS to 1.68 MTP

A: Try RCM's Guide to fix the problem:
(Credits Completely To RCM)

__________________________________________________ ____________

Q: Ideas on how to fix the Bluetooth on my T9? It's disappeared from the menu.

A: You Low Level formated or upgraded with the WRONG Regional Firmwire. I.E. the U.S. doesn't even have the Bluetooth option so you need to upgrade using a firmwire from an area that supports Bluetooth. Downgrade and install a firmwire in your area (Get a download link at the Samsung website)

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Q: Is there any way to use T10 firmware on the T9?

A:While I am not familiar with the T10. It probably has more buttons then the T9 correct? So if you wanted to run the software of T10 the funcutions would be limited and you would have to hex edit the controls.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Q: Does the T9 support playcount logging, and if so, how do I get it to work with Zenses

A: Currently not sure. Not as easy to test. I'm working on it.

__________________________________________________ _________________________

How do I get my songs to show up under Artist and Title? All my ID3 tags are set properly. I'm on 1.80UMS. But they don't show up on the list. I dropped them all in the Music folder?

A: Update the library if your on 1.80 other wise you need to upgrade.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Q: What does it mean by MTP?

A: V1.80 is the UMS firmware which let's you add any files you want.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Q: I am using my T9 mostly for audio files. I have a series of 60 Spanish lessons (in mp3 files) downloaded to my device. I don't like the way they are sorted on my device. They are scattered in different "albums." I want to be able to rearrange, delete, rename, etc. the files using Windows Explorer. What I would REALLY like to do is rearrange the tracks into 6 separate "albums" -- with 10 tracks (lessons) to an album. Is it possible?

I have upgraded firmware -- first to 1.68, then to 1.8. I have checked Settings and upgrade was successful. I am able to view my device from Windows Explorer. Well, maybe. Actually, the device files it shows in Explorer do not correlate to the way they actually are on the device. I don't get it.

I've read the manual, I've searched the Net, and this forum looks like the closest I'm going to get to an answer. Can I do what I want to do with Windows Explorer? It would be great if organizing my files on my device were that simple.

If not with Explorer -- then how? Do I need to get more excited about WMP? Or the Samsung Media Studio? I have ignored those programs so far -- but if I need to get into one of those to do what I want to do, I will.

A: First let me tell you what each program does:

(Windows) Explorer: Useless if you want to organize. All it does is copy files, you want to edit them.

Windows Media Player: A little better and you can edit the song names. Downside Doesn't recognize T9 files from anything else and can only sync music.

Samsung Media Studio: Best for organizing and can transfer any file type. Downside scratchy song editor.

A. You use SMS and select all the lessons, right click, find album info, and either have them all named unknown.


B. You use WMP and select the first ten, right click and find album info and manually make that an album. (B. might not work cause of the library update i.e. same as before)

__________________________________________________ ___________

Just bought a T9 and I have Windows2000. Can I update the firmware from my computer, or do I need to use a computer with XP/Vista?

A: What computer you use doesn't matter just download the file and transfer it to the T9. Disconnect it, turn it on, and give it a couple minutes to update. Good luck.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Q: Is there anyway to split my regular music from audiobooks that I find online for free? They are in mp3 format, and I want to be able to split it apart so when I am listening to music, a audiobook doesn't come up.

A: The easiest way would be either to make a playlist or rename the to another folder [there's no really way to "seperate" music files. At least not right now.

I recommend my T9 Playlist Creator:
(Not a program just a guide to make multiple playlists easily)

So far I have only included what I think are common questions. Please ask further questions for me to add to the list. Remember I can do links/programs to just give me a destription, why i'm finding it and a well spelled name!

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