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Default Recording Problem

My Sansa Express is experiencing problem with recording. When I record FM radio the result is not clean and full of noise and glitch. It also happen when I try to record using the internal microphone, the result also not clean and lot of glitch, and most of the time the recorded sound played faster than the it should play. Another annoying problem is when I record something more than one minutes my sansa seems not responding to me, even when I push the button the screen wont turn on and after several try (sometimes took more than 2 minutes of trying), it finally responding, but the recording quality is poor with lots of glitch.

Is there anyone experiencing the same problems ?
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I had experienced it too.
This is why i am disappointed.

I got a suggestion.
Dont press on the power button to go to menu, because when you return by clicking it again, the song will be very noisy.

Large file size recording will cause the song to be played very slow when THE SCREEN IS OFF and the player become extremely slow responding.

Since the recording is too large in size, therefore i recommend you to transfer it into the computer and convert it and copy it back into sansa express.
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