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Default Problem with charger ...


I've recently lost my original Sansa Charger.
So I've bought a no-brand charger Sansa e200 series compatible (I've a e250).

I've just received it, I can plug the charger in the Sansa, but it won't charge !
I'm on Windows Vista ; when I plug the Sansa, Vista makes a little song, this little song that alerts you a new stuff is plugged.
Then it shows me a message that says a new unrecognized stuff is plugged.

But the Sansa won't charge !
I've used it as far as it possible, so there's no more battery. So, the Sansa says me "Battery is too low. System Shutdown.". Then I can't start it ...
When I plug it to try to charge it, it shows me the same message ("Battery is too low. System Shotdown."), and then ... nothing else, black screen.

Please, is someone know who solve this problem ?
Thanks a lot.
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try it on someone elses computer to see if it your computer or charger. If its your computer then do a reboot with the sansa plugged in to the computer.
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You have fried the cable probably..the charger you bought might not be compatible with ur player..check it out with another may come to life..
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