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Default After one day with my 2gb clip.....

I have to say i love it. I've been wanting a smaller flash player to use as a sub for my creative ZVM. Mainly for the gym, carry from class to class ect... Since I'm still very happy with my ZVM I first went with a Zen Stone w/o the screen. I liked it but there were still times when I really missed having that screen. I ended up giving my stone to my girlfriend when she moved out to LA. So was going to go with a Zen Stone Plus, until I saw the Clip. Anyway I went to Best Buy and saw they had a small amount in stock. First of all The finish is cool but it looks a little rough around the part lines. Its almost like a car paint. The screen is nice and you can read it pretty well in sunlight. The sound is good but honestly it wasn't that incredible. i really didn't notice much of a difference between this and my ZVM. I'm not complaining mind you I just wasn't floored or anything. The headphones are actually pretty nice other than the little foam covers you have to stick on. i've never really liked these. They work for about a week until the foam rips or falls off. I noticed that the volume was a little lacking with some of the EQ settings. The Rock setting seemed extra quiet. You may want to think about getting some headphones with a volume control. I was a little distressed because I couldn't figure out if the player had an actual shuffle setting. When you his all songs it plays all the tracks in ABC order. But after messing around with the menus I finally found it. The menus are a little odd but i'm starting to get the hang of things. I'm so much happier now. All in all I'm pretty happy so far.
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I'm very happy with mine too. Actually I find the ear buds plenty loud that I don't need to set it to max. When I tried plugging it in my laptop they almost blew my ears off. I am very happy with the FM radio. I get cleaner reception on it than from my full size stereo system. The auto-scan didn't work so well -- it only picked out around 5 stations -- I manually set 20 more. Sometimes it takes a bit of fiddling with the ear-bud wire to get best reception -- clearly the wire acts as the FM antenna. It feels like it will last. It's about the size and weight of a zippo lighter. It's light enough that I think I could drop it, and it would survive, but not so light as to feel like a toy. A small annoyance is the off/on switch is a bit loose -- it rattles if I shake the unit. I wonder how long the battery life-time is? I don't think it is replaceable. Another small gripe, I agree with the official review, I wish the volume buttons where moved lower, away from the audio plug.
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Just got mine today...I think it's the perfect small player. Great sound, intuitive interface, and it only takes about two seconds to turn on.
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I bought mine yesterday at Best Buy. I was amazed at how small the thing was, and how the clip was so much sturdier than the action jacket on my c240. Does anyone know if the screen is stronger or sturdier than the c200 series? I won't be jumping into pickup trucks with it anytime soon, but I just want to be sure.
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My wife bought me a 2 gig for my birthday. No complaints so far.
I've been using it for Audble books while traveling at work.
It's a great little mp3 player.
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To the original poster...

Please tell me you were not using the stock ear buds when commenting on the sound quality. If you were you need to spend a little more and flip for some good quality in ears or buds. It makes a world of a difference.
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Personally, I find the sound quality to be (nearly) the equal of the 1st gen Shuffle...

I'm currently using CrossRoads MylarThree IEM units with it playing a mixture of WMA/MP3 files at 160 - 192kbs.

SanDisk is definitely on a roll between this little beauty and the Sansa View.

Note: The 1st gen shuffle was easily one the finest sounding DAP units yet produced...
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