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Default LOL Fixed Belly-Up sansa e250R story!

My best friend lent his sansa to his cousin. His nimrod cousin put 70 tracks of rap music in the root folder of the sansa. He unplugged it, and when it didn't work he returned it to my friend claming that it was awesome, and it worked. My frined turned it on and it froze on the sansa rhapsody screen every time. My brother (Siphor) took it into our house, and entered recovery mode, while I was outside with my friend. It was like the ER lol. My brother found all the files, and deleted them. When he gave it back to my friend (fully-functional and with all my friends data still on it.) Ny friend is like "I love you" Then I'm like "Whoa" he's just like "That's my gay moment of the month." =P So yeah, then we talked about how his cousin will never touch anything of his ever again.

Lessons Learned today:

1. Ian's cousin is a nimrodic tech-tard

2. Don't put music in the root folder people!
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i put music in the root folder all the time with no issues
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This makes no sense. I'd say it was probably just a firmware problem, not that files were in the root directory. You said you managed to recover the files that were there - if "the e200r firmware will not boot with files in the root" how did you get them? As I said before, it was probably just some firmware problem that was fixed by recovery mode. Good story though
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