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Default Audible support in e200v2 not in e200.

Y'all might remember how much I've wanted Audible Ready support on the e200's ... in May of 2006 I bought a new e260 and just supposed they'd get around to a firmware update, but the Support folk seemed dumb about it, really, and I wonder how much they knew back then concerned with what's going on now ...

Take a peek at the Audible Device page for SanDisk products and feast your eyes on something only available to "version 2" e200 devices.

Yes, we were the G.Pigs that bought something shiny with hopes and dreams that we'd get to listen to our Audible purchases on said shiny thing, we paid a high price compared to what the shiny2 thing sells for now (or will be selling for according to Sandisk's site) -- they pay less and get what WE continue to ask for, Audible support.

I'm not sure what direction I'll go in. My e260 (2006) player may very well be practically bricked from the washer (if I can't "connect" ever again it's just a radio/voice recorder with no normal way to get any recordings OFF of it, FWIW, but as a radio it's super )

and I don't really care to have it in working order since it still wouldn't be able to play Audible files.

So I can find a v2 e280 that costs less than my e260 cost me in 2006. And it would play Audibles.

I'm not sure to do that, or look at some other brand now. It's not because I washed my e260, no, I don't want it fixed for free or anything, it's just the ridiculousness of them releasing something to the market as an IPOD KILLER and us really believing it and then having to beg for the Audible support and getting nothing but run-around-sound-bites from them, and now they put out a NEW version of the e200 and .... urg!!!!!

I found this thread on the sansa forum:

This person says they talked to Support about it and that there won't be a firmware update -- I assume they are talking about for our old e200's there won't be a firmware update for Audible support.

I just "feel" like they think all us Audible "e200-owning" members will just up and buy a new Sansa now.

Maybe it's time to find a decent player that actually bookmarks. Don't get me wrong, I have loved my e260, previously to this week. It's been a great little player. I imagined it would have a long life, but that I would get something else that was pretty and Audible friendly again (my Palm Zire 31 was great for this, but died an orange-blob-blue-screen-death.)

I'm just sad that they will support Audible in most every player they have, and only will do so with the e200's after their initial market run, and won't or can't do a firmware update for audible support. I, for one, would like a decent explanation of why not, but I'm not going to contact them since:

1. My player is inoperable now
2. I hated every response I got from them in 2006, rude, rude, rude.
--Sansa e280R (since Dec 2007) with Rock Box since May 7, 2008
--Old broken Sansa e260
--Sansa M230 used exclusively for (but now I use my Palm Treo 755p for Audible.)
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