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Default The Official Samsung P2 FAQ

This FAQ for the Samsung P2 has been compiled from various sources (listed below), but it is not an absolute knowledge on the player so anything else you think should be included please post below. Thanks to the members here at abi>> who have contributed!


Samsung Media Studio is Samsung’s official software, but is not a requirement to transfer data to the P2.

Firmware & Transferring Media

The P2 in most regions of the world is purely an MTP device, but in a few countries mainly throughout Asia it is a UMS (MSC) device. The ability to change to a UMS device is done by a simple firmware change. The link to do this can be found here:


Supported File Types and Functions
  • Supported file types for music are MP3, Ogg Vorbis (only when using UMS), and WMA.
  • In both UMS and MTP mode, the player sorts files by the ID tags (Artist/Album/Etc) on your digital music files. Alternatively, you can browse by folder arrangement by going to the built in file browser on the main menu screen.
  • Supported playlist formats are SPL. If your player is UMS, you will have to make SPL files on your own. This can be done by following this guide:
  • A maximum of 400 Playlists can be stored and a maximum amount of 400 files can be stored in each.
  • On-the-go playlists can be made (referred to as a favourites list), but can only be done when locating music files through the Music Browser.
  • Up to 5 OTG playlists can be created and a maximum of 200 files can exist in each.
  • Files can be removed from an OTG playlist independently or all at once.
  • RDS is only supported in the EU version of the firmware, and only on stations that broadcast it.
Sound Enhancement
  • DNSe options included are Normal, Studio, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Ballad, Club, Rhythm & Blues, Dance, Concert Hall and User. Once selecting User you can set an EQ and 3D&Bass levels (each with levels 0-4).
  • Street Mode is designed to allow listening in loud environments by adjusting levels of loud and soft parts of music.
  • Clarity is a function which is designed to produce a clearer sound with improved quality (a level of 0-2 can be selected).
  • The ‘Master EQ’ will have 7 frequency bands (set from -10dB to +10dB).
  • No sound enhancement settings will function when connected to a Bluetooth headset.
Interface and Display
  • Music can be browsed via Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Playlist, and Music Browser.
  • The Now Playing Screen can display 4 visualizations, album art, and album info (from ID3 tag).
  • Album art must be included in the music’s tag (as apposed to a separate image file) and be 200x200 pixels or less.
  • Natively supported video formats are WMV (WMV9 with 320x240 or 480x272 at 30 fps) and SVI (after conversion with Samsung Media Studio).
  • DNSe sound enhancement presets for video include Normal, Drama and Action.
  • The screen size (amount of zoom) can be altered when viewing a video.
  • Up to 100 bookmarks can be set across all videos
  • The P2 can pair with a variety of bluetooth devices including headphones and cellular phones
  • A paired Bluetooth device must be within a 10 metre radius of the P2.
  • Included in the box is an “Easy Holder” accessory which attaches to the P2 like a clip on a lanyard strap. When taken off it can be used as a stand for watching video (to free your hands) as it is placed on a flat surface and the P2 is mounted on it in a landscape orientation.
  • There is a text viewer (for standard TXT files) which provides alternate fonts and background colors and 100 bookmarks can be set.
  • Up to 7 independent alarms can be set and a music file (amongst other tones) can be used.
  • Calendar and world clocks are also included in the Prime Pack menu.
  • The menu interface can be set to Cosmos, Matrix and any background image.
  • Picture slideshow speed can be set to Slow, Medium, Fast.
  • The Power LED on the player’s face displays red when the player is charging and green when it is done.
  • The outer casing is acrylic glass and stainless steel.
  • Samsung has listed the power of the earphone output as 20mW/Channel at 16 Ohms, and as 22mW/Channel, so who knows which is correct.
Note: Features supported by the P2 may differ in various regions of the world.

Sources of information
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