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Default advice on buying new Creative....


So my zen touch 20gb just died. Hard disk problem. Looks to be terminal, as far as I can tell (I mean you don't have to tell me it is), short of replacing the HD.

And yes I dropped it, once too often (misplaced the pouch a few months back, before which it was completely unblemished).

It's 2 years old exactly, and I've used it on average about 3 hours a day, every day, so suffice to say I think I've got my money's worth out of it.

So my options would be to replace the HD, or buy a new one. I'm thinking that the Zen touch is kinda obsolete now so I might as well upgrade, if I'm going to spend any money on it at all I might as well get something new which is going to last.

Have looked around on, ebay and amazon, and in short I'm just looking for some advice on which to get/where to buy from? I'm totally disinterested in video capabilities (just in it for the music), however for the capacity I want (40/60gb), zen vision M seems to be the best option (?)

Also, does buying a new zen *whatever* on ebay from hong kong have any impact on its compatability with d/ls? (I mean you have to go through the "" steps on the support section. In short I don't want to end up with something which is only sold in taiwan, for example, and hence I can't d/l anything for it through the creative europe portal. Hope that makes sense.

Any/all advice would be appreciated.

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