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Page The Official Insignia Pilot Feature Request List

Welcome to the Insignia Pilot Feature Request/Bug Report Thread

This thread was created by the community, as a central area where the Insignia MP3 Team can easily find what features we would like to see in the Pilot series, as well as future players from Insignia.

So here's how it works: you suggest a feature, and I'll put it in the "New Requests" category (Note: By suggesting a feature, you automatically vote "yes" for it). Once there, it may be voted on by other members. If it receives at least 1 more "yes" vote, it'll be moved to the "Low Priority" category. If it receives 3 more "yes" votes, it'll move to the "High Priority" category. If a feature receives 5 "no" votes, it may be placed in the "Recycle Bin", but only if the "no" votes outnumber the "yes" votes.

You may also submit bug reports. If a bug receives 2 "yes" votes, it'll be moved to high priority. Please be sure to include the version of firmware you are presently running when submitting a bug.

Please read before voting:
  • New feature suggestions should be encapsulated in asterisks. e.g. "**Feature I would like...**". Simply because it will make it easier for me to find.
  • When voting, please use this syntax: "Feature or bug name - Yes or No", and include the ID number if you can. The ID number makes it easier for me to find the feature you want to vote for.
  • Bug reports should be prefixed with: "BUG:" like so; "BUG: My player locks up when I..." .
  • If you know the ID number of the feature you're looking for, you can quickly find it by pressing Ctrl + F, and putting a dash (-), plus the feature ID (no spaces) in the box. e.g. "-63".

__________________________________________________ ____________
Total Votes Counted: 146
Total Features Requested: 43
(Non-Software Related: 0 Change Reqs.: 2)
Total Possible Bugs Found: 8
Features which might make it into next, or subsequent firmware release: 9
Bugs which might be fixed in next, or subsequent firmware release: 2
Last Updated: September
, 18th, 2008 at 12:20PM (GMT-7)
Latest firmware version: 1.006 Released: -----
Next firmware release date: Unknown
Features implemented so far: 0
Bugs fixed so far: 0

__________________________________________________ ____________

High Priority

Remember playlist / currently playing media after sync/charge [10 votes]

2 Ability to display album art from folder.jpg / albumart.jpg images [7 votes]

26 FLAC audio support [6 votes]

9 Wallpaper [7 votes]

7 When returning to a bookmarked file, player should also play all files in the directory of the bookmarked file [5 votes]

1c <FCR> Add “Play/Add” sub-menu to Folder Browser [5 votes]
Pressing play on a folder should bring up a context menu like in media library. This would make it possible to organize your music in a deeply nested folder structure and play/add more than just one folder at a time.

15 Option to disable data communications while connected to PC [5 votes]
(Description: Add a "Do not connect" option to the connection type menu. This would allow you to use the player while charging via the USB port)

13 Multiple on-the-go playlists + playlist editor [9 votes]
(Description: Multiple on the go playlists, with the ability to save, name, and edit -- insert to, append to, move within, and remove from -- playlists)

1b BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Player hangs while
trying to display certain .JPG images [3 votes]

2b BUG:{Major, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Pressing back multiple times causes player to skip forward in random mode [6 votes]
Description: While in random mode in the “Now Playing” screen, pressing the skip back button will go the beginning of the song, but each subsequent press skips forward through the playlist.

8 Ability to search the database for specific artists, albums or songs [5 votes]

Low Priority

8b BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Clock flickers during playback [1 votes]

BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Embedded progressive JPG album artshows up as a black image if copied in MSC mode [1 votes]

6b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 }Player forgets currently playing media upon SD card insertion/removal [1 votes]

5b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Pressing the menu or 'up' button while playing audio causes a 'pop' sound [1 votes]

BUG:{Major, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 } Player occasionally skips tracks prematurely or starts playing a track a few seconds already in [1 votes]

BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.006 }Album art is not displayed for WMA lossless files [1 votes]

42 In-player Bluetooth volume control [2 votes]

4 Ability to copy files from external to internal memory and vice versa [2 votes]

3 Better Unicode support [3 votes]

6 Video/Photo Folders [2 votes]
(Description: Allow Videos and Photos to be organized by folders)

10 Ability to sort library by song rating [3 votes]

11 Option to force player to immediately respond to button presses while idling [3 votes]

12 Additional EQ profiles [2 votes]

16 Ability to edit filenames in the player [3 votes | -1 vote]

14 Player should check to see if ID3 tags have been modified since last DB refresh to prevent unnecessary time consuming DB refreshes [4 votes]

18 Display artist name next to song title in the “Now Playing” quick view list [4 votes]

19 Audio Crossfading [3 votes]

20 Gapless Offset [2 votes]
(Description: Because the silence between tracks vary greatly depending on how they were encoded, it is difficult to create a one-size-fits-all gapless setting. This feature would allow the user to adjust the duration of silence between tracks to something that best suites their music collection. This option would tell the player, in milliseconds how prematurely to skip tracks.
Options could be: -500ms -250ms -100ms Off (e.g., "-500ms" would tell the player to skip tracks 500ms before the current track has ended, reducing or eliminating any silence))

21 Automatically record radio in mono or stereo depending on mode selected in radio settings [3 votes]

LCD backlight should shut off if the player is connected to a computer for a certain period of time [3 votes]
(Description: The player should obey the backlight timeout setting while connected to a computer.)

24 FM Timer Recording [3 votes]
(Description: Allows users to schedule a time for the player to start recording the FM radio)

25 Alarm clock function [3 votes]

27 Audio fade option [2 votes]
(Description: Audio fades in and out when song is stopped/started, paused, or player is powered off/on, like the iAudio U3, or iriver clix)

28 Games [4 votes | -2 votes]

2c <FCR> Player should ignore the word "The" in song titles, album titles, and artist names when sorting alphabetically [2 votes | -1 votes]

31 Improve context menu button functionality [2 votes | -1 votes]
  1. When playing music: "Scan" "Repeat" "Shuffle", "Set Bookmark", "Go to Bookmark".
  2. When viewing text: "Scroll" "Autoscroll" "Autoscroll Speed", "Go to page:".
  3. When viewing photos: "Slideshow", "Slideshow Speed:" "Repeat", "Set as Wallpaper".
  4. When viewing video: "Video Scan Mute" "Shuffle" "Repeat".
  5. When playing Audiobooks: "Set Bookmark", "Go to Bookmark".
32 Ability to record in MP3 [2 votes]

33 Ability to delete an entire folder [4 votes]

34 Player should remain in the same directory after syncing, SD card insertion/removal, and after deleting a file [4 votes]

35 Ability to play video at 640x480 via TV-out [2 votes]

2c <FCR> Reverse menu button operation [4 votes]
(PB: Pressing the "Menu" button briefly should take you to the previous screen, and holding it down should take you to the main menu. CB: Currently, it's just the opposite, which isn't what most users expect.)

37 Visualizations [3 votes]

38 AAC audio support [2 votes]

New Requests

41 Ability to tag files recorded from FM radio with RDS data [1 vote]

5 Ability to switch to filename view in photo browser [1 vote]

17 Allow full operation of the player while external memory is indexed (background indexing) [1 vote]

Option to enable audio feedback [1 votes]
(Description: The player would make an audible sound through the headphones such as a 'click' whenever an item is highlighted, a button is pressed, or a message window pops up.)

29 GAMES: Tetris [1 votes]

30 GAMES: Breakout [1 votes]

36 Replay Gain tag support for all music formats, especially OGG Vorbis [1 vote]

39 Ability to record audio directly to external memory [1 vote]

40 Ability to play WMA files from the Audible folder [1 vote]




{Confirmed} = At least two people have experienced this bug.
{Unconfirmed} = Only one person has experienced this bug.
{Major} = This bug affects normal operation of the player.
{Minor} = This bug does not affect normal operation of the player.
{PIP} = Possibly Isolated Problem. This may be a hardware malfunction, specific to a single player.
{Firmware:} = Firmware version this bug is present in.

<FCR> = Feature Change Request. Requesting the modification of an existing feature/function.
CB = Current Behavior. How a feature/function behaves currently.
PB = Proposed Behavior. How a feature/function should behave.

Feature preview images are merely representations of what I think a feature may look like. They are not meant to represent what a feature will actually look like if implemented.
All images, audio, and video are Copyright © 2008 Tobey Phillips, unless noted otherwise.


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