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Default New Tips?

I have the JVC Marshmellow headphones and i enjoy them very much, but i have read about people using different tips on the headphones. i was wondering what difference the tips make and what company is the best.
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For me the biggest difference is probably comfort. I bought an Ultimate Ears variety pack. I have not tried the Shure tips.

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Does anyone else have an opinion that might help me?
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Comply makes the best foamies (IMO), but they get ugly pretty fast. Shure "Olives" are excellent as well, and last a lot longer.

For silicon tips the Ultimate Ears ones are really nice.
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I am currently using some Shure (orange) E2 foamies, and they seem pretty decent.

One thing about the silicon ones that I do prefer though, is that they seat much quicker. In other words, I hate waiting for the foamies to expand to fill the earholes. Granted, it's a minor issue, but if I need to remove them and then put them back several times, due to the need to chat at work while wearing them...well...kinda annoying. I often switch to earbuds (Gumy's ATM), when it bugs me too much...hehe. The silicon ones are "push in, done."

I snagged these Shure foams, mainly because I could get them at a local guitar shop as individual pairs (or singles, if I really wanted) - not GC, as they would only sell them in the 10 or 20 pair bag - and try them before buying a whole pack of 10 or 20...kinda nice to evaluate them that way, IMO. I snagged 2 pair of them, supposedly different sizes, but both E2 orange, but honestly I don't think I can tell the difference between them...ha!

At any rate, they work so much better for me, than the stock tip on the Marshmallows. I could never get those to seat well...leading to no bass. Now, it's borderline boomy...hehe.
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