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Default Is My e250 Bricked?

So, here's my situation:

I've had rockbox on my e250 since I got it, about a month or so ago.
Yesterday I decided to run down the battery to see how long it lasted.
I used it normally, just didn't charge it
The player worked as normal until it got to about 30%, when I turned it off.
When I turned it back on, it said it was at ~10%, and when I turned it off again somewhat soon after, it said gave the regular "low battery, shutting down" message.
When I got back home, I connected it, and didn't think about it for an hour or two. I realized afterward that it didn't actually turn on when I plugged it in.
I go back to check on it, and it's literally searing hot.
When I turn it on while it's charging, it usually hangs at the Sandisk screen. If I turn it on while it's not charging, it says "battery too low."

I found someone from a search that said how you could hold the play and record buttons for a sort of reset, which works while it's charging, but the computer still won't recognize it. If I hold play, record, and back buttons, I can get it into the original firmware, but it still won't be recognized.

Does this mean my player is bricked?
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