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Default remotes...

I was using my MD player yesterday and I realized something, I really really really like the remote that comes with it. I don't have to stick my hand in my pocket and shuffle it around making me look like some kind of odd pervert. It allows me to do the basic functions, which is all I need sometimes, 'cause I usually spend a bit too much time on making playlists, so everything is perfectly ordered...

anyways, to my point, are there any remotes for mp3 players? I remember for the MD and CD players they needed a special type of jack for that to happen, but since all I see on the mp3 players nowadays is just the headphone jack (and other assorted output slots obviously, but you get what I mean), I haven't even bothered looking for a remote for it.

But now I want one, so am wondering...are there any being made? Especially one that I can just switch it with any you can see in my sig I have both an iriver and a Creative, so it would be a pain for it to be propriety...

Anyways, I hope this question/inquiry made sense...and is in the right part of the forum, if not, my apologies...
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