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Default Recording, Subtitles And Exercising

I've had my iAUDIO U2 now for almost three years, and it looks like it's singing its swan song; the battery life currently isn't very good, and I'm experiencing one or two other bugs. So I'm considering getting a new one, and the iAUDIO D2 looks like a promising candidate.

However, there are a few things which makes me question whether or not it is the right DAP for me. Right now there are mainly three issues/questions, which I hope some of those here with D2 experience might be able to shed some light on.

1. How is the D2 at recording using its internal microphone? And if anyone has also tried the U2, how do the two compare? I'm planning on using my new DAP both for recording lectures and some songs.

The quality doesn't have to be perfect (I've been pretty happy with the quality I've experienced using the U2), but the review of said unit on this side made me worry, where the following statement is made: "The voice recorder has some problems. On recordings made with the internal microphone, there is an audible high-pitched whine in the background. It picks up voices well even in noisier environments, but the whine the D2 adds to the recordings is rather irritating."

2. How is it like watching videoes with subtitles on the D2? I figured it'd be a blast being able to watch anime series on this thing while on the bus and so forth, perhaps even in bed, but then I realized that the subtitles might be hard to read given such a small screen... Does anyone have any experience watching subtitled videoes, or in particular so-called fansubbed animes?

3. I always bring along my U2 when I hit the gym, and I plan on doing the same with whatever ends up being my new DAP. I carry it in the pocket of my sweatpants and haven't had any problems with doing so. But is the D2 a good unit for this purpose? I'm worried it might be too big, or that it may somehow end up being damaged, in particular the screen. Does anyone know how well the D2 can tolerate regular exposure to exercising?
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