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Default I've a Sansa e140 who's usb port stopped working

So, yeah, I've had my sans e140, for a few years now, and the usb port is out. Won't work. I've been using a memory stick to change songs, cept I can't change the player content because of the usb port. it was allright at first, but some songs on there are really starting to annoy me.

At any rate, there is no warranty left on this thing, it came with a 2 year one refurbished, and its out by now.

What I want to know, is, have any of you cracked one open, or had simmillar problems, and can tell me how to get mine appart....too broke to upgrade, or i'd just upgrade to their new sleek 4gb 240 or somethin like that. :P
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I had a problem with my usb port, I opened it (breaking a few clips on the gray plastic ring), and found it's all soldered in, so to replace it, you'd have to be pretty good at soldering. You can try to bend the pins back into place, but be aware they could break off and you'd be worse off than before. I'd say just get an e200 or use an sd card.
(*note, i realized this post was old, but it's still good advice*)
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