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Default Just some Questions

So I'm getting a flash player for listening to music...and I guess everyone alwasy says to get this thing, so I guess I wanna ask some questions.

1. Playlists? I hear its not very good at them, how so? And have they fixed it yet?

2. Is a red d2 very rare? There's one on newegg....

3. How does it work with a SDHC card? Is it a boot-up? Are the files in the same library as the ones already on there? And can you put files on the card when its in the d2 connected to your computer?

4. What are some cheap phones that can really show me the sound quality of this? Will the creative EP630's cut it?

5. Can you customize the GUI much?

6. Hows the radio on it? How many presets if any?

I guess I might have some more, but I'll hold them off until later since they aren't as important.

Are there many bugs?
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1. For a playlist, you can easily add music to the Dynamic Play List while using the D2. It doesn't support m3u files...

2. I guess the red color is "rare," but not as rare as the pink and green ones

3. I don't know about SDHC, but if you use a regular SD card, the files will be in the same library with the files in the flash drive. Yes, you can transfer files to the SD card through the Cowon D2 when it is connected to the computer; it acts like a SD card reader.

4. The EP630 should be good... I like the v-moda vibe.

5. Can't really do much to the GUI, except setting a custom wallpaper. If you want, you can hack the firmware and replace all the icons to different ones. Check out this D2 themes topic here.

6. The radio is good. It can do an auto scan for you and save a total of 24 presets.

Overall, the D2 is excellent and I haven't encountered any bugs... ('cept one time when a video froze my D2 because I didn't convert it properly.)
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Ah, thanks. Now I just have to decide if the thing is too thick...I wish I could try it out somewhere.
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