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Default koss ksc75 vs yuin pk3

ok, they're all cheap, but which one who doesnt sound cheap? i lėstened to r&b, hip hop, pop. i craved bass and detail. and comfort, and durablity. please help me, thx!
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I can tell you that the KSC75 does not have a lot of bass. I listen to rnb and hip-hop as well, and it is fine for me, but some might find it a little light for those genres. I have not heard the pk3.
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PK3 don't have much bass either - at least that seems to be the general consensus over at Head-Fi.

Better look at some IEMs for bass-heavy stuff.
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I'm very interested in the Yuin line of earbuds, particularly in sound-stage. The pk2s and 1s are heralded for sounding like a set of full cans; the PK3 on the other hand has the same sound signature as the Koss, though the general consensus is that the latter wins hands down in terms of depth.

I don't know, I feel that the KSC75s are quite bassy, yet clean enough to enjoy most genres without sounding like a pair of trashy dark-sounding noise makers that I feel most bass-heads enjoy. There should be enough details in the low-end to hear bass NOTES; not just that pounding resonance that seems to drown out the mids.

With that said I'm still very interested in trying out a pair of quality bass-heavy headsets/iems, particularly in the beyerdynamic line. It's much spendy, though :-(
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