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Post How to Enable Asian Font Support on US version Sansa(non Rhapsody)

The complete guide of enable Asian Language support in Sandisk Sansa e200 series.


1. You have to change the language of your UI into Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese to enable the correspondent language support.

2. Even though the guide works for most people using non-Rhapsody e200 series MP3 player, I like to warn you that changing the firmware could void your warranty or damage your machine. Please make sure you understand the whole procedure. I am not responsible to any damage caused by this manipulation.

3. If you are in Japan and wish to have the Japanese standard of FM frequency, you can change in the radio setting, instead of a firmware change.

4. The firmware tweak is only for non-Rhapsody models!! Double check your machine to make sure!!!


1. Download the 01.01.06p firmware from the link.

2. Make sure your player's USB mode is in MSC. You can go to "settings"->"USB mode" to change it.

3. Turn off the player then restart the player under "Recovery mode" by:

a. Putting your player on "hold".
b. Pressing on the "record" key of the player while you turn on the player.
c. After the instrucion appears on your player, connect it to your computer.

4. The player will appear as a "16mb disk device" or something similar on your

5. Unzip

6. Copy the .mi4 and .fnt file to the "16 MB system device".

7. Disconnect the player, unlock the "hold". The player will restart.

8. Change the player's language setting into Japanese or Chinese, according to your need.

9.Now the tags with Asian fonts can be display correctly.

It should look like this (Simplified Chinese, with Chinese and Japanese song tags):

10. Make sure that your firmware is 01.01.06p now. Then go to the Sansa Firmware update page, download the firmware updater, and get the latest firmware 01.02.12P

Other stuff:

1. Kudos to Slaughter for providing the firmware. Also to greendusk and many others contributing to the article.

2. If the procedure fails, downgrade the player by running a lower version of
firmware updater, and update to the current American firmware version. Here is the link for 01.00.12a.

About Language Support:
Only following languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portugal, Danish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese
The following languages are not supported so far.
Hebrew, Korean, Thai, Russian

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