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Rockbox on e200R but without Rhapsody

Hi all, I just registered a few days ago, and I stumbled onto this site and I was amazed that most of the things I’ve been doing are being done here, its like opening your closet and seeing 100 little clones of yourself, LOL.
Anyway 2 months ago I bought a Sansa e260 for my girlfriend, I put Rockbox on it and she loved it. I loved it too so I got the Sansa e280R. I tried to put Rockbox on but it didn’t work at first. Then I finally got it to go but I couldn’t dual boot until last week.
Forgive me if some on posted this already but you can load Rockbox on your e280R and have dual booting capabilities, only if you willing to do away with rhapsody. Here’s how:

Synopsis: You will have to convert your e280R into e280. My e280R had the latest firmware on it so I don’t know if the earlier models are any different.
From there you will follow the procedures to installing RockBox on a regular e280.

1. First you need Linux on you computer (I prefer Ubuntu). Burn a copy from . Install it or boot from the CD so you can run it live without having to install it. (If using Ubuntu make sure to login as Root so that you will have full access to change files, got here for howto )

2. Download and save.
Once in Linux go to the terminal screen and go to the directory you put the e200tool.
Run the command “chmod +x e200tool” to make the file executable.

3. Download the e200 firmware
and place both files in the same folder with e200tool.

4. Go to your terminal screen, go the directory all 3 files are in.
On your sansa put the top switch on lock then hold down the center button while connecting you sansa to the computer. The screen should not come on but the blue light should be on. Then while holding down the REC button on the side run this command “./e200tool recover BL_SD_BOARDSUPPORTSD.rom”

5. You should get a message “e200tool v0.2.3-alpha (c) by MrH 2006, 2007…………………………....Execution started!” DON’T DISCONECT YOUR SANSA.
P.S if you get the message "Control message (-71, Protocol error)" when repeating the “./e200tool recover BL_SD_BOARDSUPPORTSD.rom” command chances are the file is already there and that the error given when trying to replace the same file.

After that copy both PP5022.mi4 and BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom on to you sansa. On the drive I should only see one file“VERSION.TXT” and no directories if this is what you see too add the files to the same place “VERSION.TXT” is in.

6. Safely unmount you sansa and when it updates it should be the e260/e200 series and no rhapsody.

7. From there continue with the steps for install Rockbox on a regular e200.
You don’t have to but you can rename the sansa drive from Sansa e260R to Sansa e260 but it dosent matter because it will be recognized as a non-Rhapsody anyway.
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