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Default D2 Questions, Is It Worth It? :-)

Hey Guys and Gals!

I currently own a 60GB Zen Vision: M and I like it a lot, but I want something thinner and well no moving parts

Creative is going to be releasing a Zen which is much thinner, and has a card reader etc. I was really starting to like it, until a person on suggested this player... (it's a car forum, so yes it is a bit ironic to hear about MP3 players on the car forum )

I researched this player, looked at some operational videos. The more I look at it the more I like it!

I love the fact that is has filename browsing, a UMS device, has a card reader, and has a built in USB port.

At first I thought the card reader didn't support SDHC, but after I read the ABi Review, I fell even more in love with this player!!!

Now I'm thinking of either getting a 2GB and then buying a 8GB card. Or is it worth just shelling an extra $20 for 4gb?

I also do have a few questions, if you guys know the answers I would greatly appreciate it!

How is the SD card support? Is it pretty flawless, or are there some very terrible and annoying bugs?

Does the the screen shut off while playing a song? I guess it has to for such good battery life!

How hard is it to switch songs while your driving, since it's touch screen and all

Are there any new versions that are going to be released? Should I wait a bit because this player might drop in price?

How is the Divx/Xvid support?

Anything else I should know before I consider getting this player?

Thanks a lot guys!
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