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Old 09-06-2007, 01:39 PM
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Default Advice on using Sony Walkman's Phones for Music with WMP 11/10

Disclaimer: Your Walkman Phone Must have a "File Transfer" mode
I have always thought it strange how there is not really any support or tutorial on how to best use Mobile Phones as a Portable DAPs. For one i was appalled at how un-user friendly Sony's Dedicated program
Generally there is a limited amount of memory on mobile phones out of the box, e.g. i started with only 70 mb on board memory with my Sony K800i, before using the techniques that I am about to explain below i was lucky to fit 10 songs on my phone. Furthermore I had to transfer the songs using a "copy and paste method" in windows explorer. Afterwards i was able to fit 20+ and could use my music library in WMP (Windows Media Player) where it is possible to use an auto synchronize method of transferring music.

The underlying key to using Windows Media Player or any well known Media Player is that when placing your phone in "File Transfer" mode your phone behaves like a Portable Device- essentially your Phone becomes a USB drive

Transferring Music:

Step 1- Locate your USB cable and plug it into your phone. A screen should pop up asking which mode you wish to place your phone into select "File Transfer Mode". If this does not happen go to the setting menu-> connectivity -. USB-> USB connection and the same menu should appear

Step 2- Wait for your phone to enter "File Transfer" mode. this is indicated by a screen telling you not to remove the USB from the computer or phone. Quite often your phone will have the tendency to reboot so it is necessary to check that your phone has entered the mode fully. You are now ready to use your phone as a portable device

Step 3- Open WMP (preferably 11). If your phone (device) is not automatically detected go to "sync" dropdown tab and click refresh devices. Your phone should now come up as "Memory Stick" on the left hand side.
N.B. the first time you connect your phone there will be a window pop up follow the instructions if u feel that they are relevant if not click cancel

Step 4
- Right click on your device and select "Advanced Options", Here you can change the name of your phone and can set up a folder hierarchy where your songs will be arranged into folders according to the artist on the phone. this is done by clicking "Create Folder Hierarchy".

Step 5- Still in "Advanced Options" click the "Quality" tab, here you can select the maximum bit rate your songs will be on the phone, unfortunately you have to use .wma format which doesn't matter when it comes to playing music from the phone's speakers (if you wish to use a different format you can use realplayer 11 to sync music to your phone in .mp3 and mp3 vbr, if necessary i can explain this). To set a maximum bitrate and therefore quality choose select maximum quality level and drag the bar to your desired level. Personally I use 128kbps.

Step 6- From here u can drag and drop files from the "Library" into the Sync list on the Right and there will be a dedicated bar to show how much space you have left on your phone. Once finished you can click start syn at the bottom of the "Sync List". If you wish to automatically sync songs onto phone right click on your device again but this time select "set up sync". Tick "Sync this device automatically" and decide which play lists you want on your device by adding and removing the appropriate playlists. Also tick "Shuffle what syncs" Warning: using this automatic sync method requires you to delete music from your phone to allow new tracks to be synced onto it. This however results in windows media player leaving songs out of the sync process in further connections. This can be stopped by when the device is syncing going to "Sync Results" and clicking on the blue question mark next to the song and selecting sync song in future.

Step 7- Wait for syncing to finish and remove your phone from the computer. you are now ready to annoy people on the bus with new music :P!

This is my first walkthrough so please provide me with feedback. Hope it helps
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