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Default What is the datacasts folder for?

I know this is probably a dumb newbie question, but what the heck is the datacasts folder for?

Everything else has an obvious purpose. Is this maybe just like a podcast subdirectory or something.

Was just scratching my head over it and decided to ask.

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good ol' wikipedia lists Datacasting as...

"Datacasting (data broadcasting) is the broadcasting of data over a wide area via radio waves. It most often refers to supplemental information sent by television stations along with digital television, but may also be applied to digital signals on analog TV or radio. It generally does not apply to data which is inherent to the medium, such as PSIP data which defines virtual channels for DTV or direct broadcast satellite systems; or to things like cable modem or satellite modem, which use a completely separate channel for data.
Datacasting often provides news, weather, traffic, stock market, and other information which may or may not relate to the program[s] it is carried with. It may also be interactive, such as gaming, shopping, or education. An electronic program guide is usually included, although this stretches the definition somewhat, as this is often considered inherent to the digital broadcast standard."

Interesting idea for such a small unit... Any ideas if this is usable, ever been attempted, properly implimented?
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Default Datacasts?

Hey toolbox, It's only three years ago that you asked - but did you ever find out/understand what Emodio's Datacasts are?
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