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Default First Zune 2 and Zune Flash Shots

"Here are the first shots of the Zune 2 and Zune Flash. The images reveal an 80GB version and a 4 and 8GB flash model."
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That looks amazing!! The black piano finish is simply gorgeous....
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I dont think much of the pink (reminds me of the v3 razer pink) but the black and red look nice.
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damnit! I WANT 16GIG!!! The black Zune Flash looks amazing and I LOVE the screen...but no 16gigger means I won't be buying it...
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i wounder it they'll put in MSC support in the flash-models. MTP is fine cause i have all my music copied in a diff. folder and i edited everything but... for a lot of users they'll going to want to just drag&drop
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i see it resembling the lg chocolate alot .. esp with the black high gloss finish and the wheel .. it looks really like an oversized chocolate..
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Interesting Tobey, I don’t see a brown one; thought that was one of the biggest sellers…surely it can’t be that hideous pink

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They look nice!!
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