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Default Compiled Rockbox: A temporary Gigabeat F/X build

mod edit
This build is out of date, just use the official builds instead, at least until its updated.
/end mod edit

A temporary Gigabeat F/X Rockbox build

It has been more than one year of stagnation, and Rockbox has changed a lot.
I am now come to a most current build as of 2010/01/29 13:40:56. The build is with only one patch - the lyric player patch.

Note: The zar file is divided into part 1 and 2.

SVN: r24365
Patches: as of 2008/07/01

FS#10559 - lrcplayer: a plugin to view .lrc file

SVN: r17883
Patches: as of 2008/07/01

(1) Recent SVN enhancement: conditional viewports
(2) Old wps files are very likely to be broken by "Major changes in Viewports and CustomWPS". Modify the old; if not, stick with the old builds.
(3) Added Patchs: "sleep_timer".
(4) Removed Patchs: "Random folder advance", "additional disktidy", "customlist_vp", and "mpeg play mode" removed.
(5) Based on SVN revision r17883 and the following patches:

01. FS#3045 - Album art display on WPS (Committed in SVN)
02. FS#7432 - Sncviewer - a plugin for viewing synchronized lyrics on player screen
03. FS#7487 - Mpegplayer resume features - video start time seek with resume (Committed in SVN)
04. FS#2954 - Scrolling text margin for the WPS (Partially accepted and closed)
05. FS#2954 - Modification to scrolling text margin for the WPS (Merged)
06. FS#4733 - Multifont
07. FS#6960 - Random (album) selection in Database (in SVN)
08. FS#7538 - Custom user splash screen (Removed due to "rejection" status)
09. FS#7114 - HTML_Parser - creates a txt file readable in the viewer
10. FS#7708 - Random folder advance file export (in SVN)
11. FS#7661 - Make ID3 info screen more readable (Removed due to "rejection" status)
12. FS#7652 - EXTM3U support
13. FS#6301 - New tags for WPS and tagcache (Removed due to out of sync)
14. FS#7670 - Read rating value from MP3 Id3 tag for display in WPS(Removed - Restored to use "set song rating")
15. FS#7585 - Wavsplit plugin
16. FS#7729 - Adds delete option to menu or jpeg viewer
17. FS#7542 - Moves all the playlist creation to the "playlists" directory.
18. FS#7497 - Add a magic string to bootloader version to enable locating it in the binary
19. FS#8799 - User definable list dimensions (custom list for viewports)
20. FS#8400 - Option to keep backlight off while changing volume etc.
21. FS#8286 - utilise the buttons on the gigabeat cradle
22. FS#8607 - For playing mpeg videos continously a "play mode" is introduced
23. FS#8595 - Additional functionality for disktidy plugin (in SVN)
24. FS#8630 - make sleep timer value persistent

Old history:
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2008/04/07 -- SVN Enhancement: Viewports; Patchs added: "customlist_vp", "backlight-keys", "mpeg play mode", "cradle_buttons"; Patchs Removed: "Wavsplit plugin", "HTML_Parser", "bootloader version".
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2008/02/21-- SVN Enhancement: Improved UI in the video player; PictureFlow for album art; Matrix Demo. Patchs "Custom user splash screen" and "New tags for WPS and tagcache" are removed.
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2007/11/22 -- Scroll margins function in SVN
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2007/11/08 -- SVN Enhancement: Metadata-on-Buffer playback buffering engine.
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2007/11/05 -- Has a few minor glitches and is removed.
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2007/10/15
  • SVN and all patches updated to the most current as of 2008/07/01
Since no one is providing a compiled Gigabeat Rockbox that suits my taste and is also up to date. I just made one for myself and tested it a bit. It seems that it is stable and without the glitch (crashes in a few cases, like showing Version and playing plugins) as appeared in previous patched builds, and I thought a few people might also find suit. So I am sharing the file here.

The build is based on SVN revision r14426 and patches as of 20070822. The patches are:

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