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Default Other new Samsung DAP's

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to point out two other Samsung DAP's (besides the already leaked Yp-P2) to other readers out there. I apologize ahead of time in case there has been a thread that has already discussed these two players...but seeing how the Samsung site I looked at updated it's page August 13th, there is no telling who may already know this information.

Anyways, It appears that Samsung will release the successors to two of their most popular and greatest players today. These two new models are known as the Yp T10 (surprise surprise) and the Yp-S5 (the new K5). There is only one picture of each model, but still very interesting nevertheless. Here is the link which is translated from German:

The S5 will feature (again all this is based off of the Google translation and is part of my speculation so feel free to add anything else... ) a 1.8 inch screen with a slightly updated resolution (222 x 176) from the K5, and will feature the same 1.5 watt slide out speaker. This time around...users will be able to play video's on the S5, as well as use Bluetooth functions! This could possibly help people be at ease more whom wanted the speakers but also wanted video playback. A very sturdy upgrade to the K5 with throwing out even more fun features.

The T10 will now feature the same overall layout and button interface as the K series. It features a (at least) 2 inch screen, hopefully again upgrading the resolution (to at least 320 x 240) and also featuring Bluetooth yet again. Samsung is really stepping things up with the Bluetooth capabilities! It seems to do (as of my speculation) everything the T9 does...just better! Here's hoping the video playback will be bumped to 30 frames per second! At least the battery is still stated as 30 hours of audio and 6 for video. Although not as "feature" improved as the S5 is to the K5, lets hope they release more information on the improvements from the T9!

Both players seem very attractive and impressive to me, and since I already own a T9 with the latest firmware and games...I really put trust in them that these two releases, along with the awesome looking P2,will set the bar even higher for quality DAP's.

Thanks for reading and I am glad to be a part of this forum!
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