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Default Problem with Rockboy

Hi everybody!
I have odd problem. When I turn on .rom ,it's Pokemon yellow, and go to PokeCenter to give my pets for rest, game freezes up. menu key its working and i can exit but game is not working properly. Could you help me? I've used "Search" and found nothing, so i'm counting for advice.
Greetings Sic-ever.
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Something's wrong with your rom. Get another rom and try playing. If it works then your rom is corrupt or something like that.
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I've try this and nothing. But i found solution on Official Rockbox Forum. It was problem with sound. When it's on rom is working properly, if off it freezes up. But thanks reply.
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Wow......I don't think his ROM is corrpted because I ahve the same exact problem....its always when you go to heal them......i will try putting sound on and see what works thankx
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I don't know about you guys, but sound really doesn't work very well with mine. The emulation is slow as it is. Plus I don't want the sounds from Pokemon haunting me once again.
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Same error happened to me. I thought it was the rom problem, but it's sound. Thanks guys.
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