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You can download the program mp3tag here:

This is a very basic guide to a very powerful tool. MP3Tag is capable of things that would blow your mind, but they are too in depth for this guide. This guide is for MP3 files, but it may apply to other formats as well.

First, go to Tools/Options and make sure MP3Tag is reading v1/v2/APE, only writing ID3v2.3 UTF-16 and only deleting v1/APE. While you're in the Options, you can turn on the Subfolder option under General if you want to see all your tunes at one time. Before you start tagging, you want to select all your files and go to File/Remove Tag option to remove all v1/APE tags. APE tags are for Monkey audio and even though a track can contain both ID3 v1 and v2 tags, some players have conflicts using both.

1. Open MP3Tag and select all the songs for a particular album.
2. Select TagSource from the top toolbar and select the database you would like to search for tag information. I like to use the Amazon option under freedb, but you may have to try the other options as well.
3. It will say Search By Album. Enter the artist name here and hit OK.
4. It should return all albums by that artist. Choose the the correct one and hit OK. (you can hit Preview and it will launch the Amazon page so you can double check if needed.)
5. Now you can see how it is going to tag your files. You can also choose to embed the album art if desired. Hit OK and it will tag all your files for that album.

Good luck.

Feel free to leave feedback or other helpful suggestions and I may add them to this guide. Remember, this is a basic user guide.
***Updated 1/22/07***
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