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Default Xtra 60GB being taken apart

For those who need to see before hand what the insides looks like so you do not get lost at taking it apart.

From the pcture you can see the cover release is located at the bottom as a release switch.

After removing the cover, there is a white plastic strip to help release the battery from the hard plastic frame. There are 4 screws you can notice, those hold the hard drive in place, we will come back to those later.

Now we just flip the device over to remove the back metal cover. A small electronics screw driver will remove those. Make sure to start grouping your screws in order to put them back. The Xtra uses several different sized screws to hold the whole thing together.

After taking the back metal cover off there is a small copper foil that shows up and is held in place with the warranty sticker.

We now can rotate the Xtra 90 degrees so the volume control is facing you. Now remove the small piece right above it.

After rotating it back into the previous position as before remove the two long screws that hold down the bottom plastic part (the part that has the front cover release). The screws for these will be long, so don't rush and try to pull the part out with screws halfway out. Once you remove it the release switch will fall out, thats because it was held in place with the metal pins that you expose after removing the bottom.

Now we flip it back over to the front and proceed to remove the 4 hard drive screws we talked about earlier.

The hard drive is installed into the Xtra like a drive installed into an external hard drive case. The top part (at the top of the device) slowly life up the drive so the drive clears one end and slowly pull it away from the socket. The angle of the drive should be like 15 to 20 degrees from the casing before extracting.

You can stop at this point for those who are only in need of replacing the drive. Everything below from here on out are for those who need to extract the PCB for service.

The board will almost just pop out from this point. You might need to slightly bend the case enough to get the silver plastic buttons covers to let go of the PCB. Becareful because there are 2 metal springs that are hidden from view under the PCB.

Here is the PCB by itself. The LCD is soldered in place to the board, making for replacement of parts under the LCD difficult.

Notes: There is a piece of copper foil that seems to do nothing. LCD is soldered directly to the PCB, also the AC port is located right below the LCD.

Possiblities for an Xtra for not working would be a resistor or capacitor located near either the battery or AC port blowing out. For those with a good eye can locate it by the spread of light brown resin around the affected part melted

Also note that mine still works. The hard drive uses a RAW format to store the inforamtion, might be an early attempt at security or something. The drive also shows up as unformated to an XP system.

Make sure to organize the screws when taking it apart, there are several different length screws used in this.

you can ask me about taking it apart if your in need of some information about it.
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