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Default M240 voice recording improvement

Does anyone know how to get the voice recording to sample
at 8KHz instead of 32KHz?

My old M240 (version 2.0.1A) samples at 8KHz, but a new M240
purchased 6/2007 sampled at 32KHz resulting in huge .wav files.
Sandisk was no help, and the sample rate is apparently not
user setable. Any suggestions on a version that samples at 8KHz?

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I know this thread is rather old, but I've just started researching this recently.

First of all, be sure you're not confusing "sampling rate" with "bitrate." For example, I have an m250 with a sampling rate of 8kHz; the resulting WAV files have a bitrate of 32kbps.

Are you certain it samples at 32kHz? I have heard of some m250s with a sampling rate of 24kHz, and a bitrate of 96kbps. Move the file to your PC, right-click on the file, select Properties, then Summary, then Advanced if necessary. Please post the following:

1.) Bitrate
2.) Audio sample size
3.) Channels
4.) Audio sample rate
5.) Audio format.

And, very importantly, please post the firmware version from your machine.


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Welcome to ABi

This thread is not only old the person you are directing and asking questions has not been here in four years! If they haven't got an answer in this time it's doubtful anything you're adding here will help.

Please don't bump old threads. One of reasons we call them necro-threads is that it's about as useful as attempting to speak to the dead.

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What diplomacy, I'm impressed

Edit: On second thought greg_m I'm closing this thread please feel free to start a new discussion in a new thread, skip's points are very valid, you're not going to get answers from members that have left ...

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