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Default Small portable speakers?

So, what portable speakers are the best? I'd prefer a kind that doesn't have a slot for an Ipod player.

I'm looking for a very tiny speaker that I can just plug directly into the audio jack on my Cowon D2. Something to use for alarms etc. It also needs to not take batteries and power off of the mp3 player itself.

Also looking for a nice sounding portable speakers that I can take easily (have a decent case etc). Smaller is better. This one can have batteries (want to use rechargeable with it).

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CNET gave a review on some good portable speakers, and here's a few on amazon. I like the mm28's on, but you may not like the size of it, as for rechargeable batteries, buy some rechargeable AA/AAA's a charger, and you'll be all set.
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I LOVEmy mm28 - fits in my backpack easy peasy, and gives great sound.
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Originally Posted by Kasrielle View Post
I LOVEmy mm28 - fits in my backpack easy peasy, and gives great sound.

The Logitech mm28 speaker pod IS really good and the price is acceptable. I'd buy them again and recommend them for small room use and portability. I got mine from and the amazon shipping is quick and reliable.
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Necromancy ftw?

Edit: Sorry, I'll stay on topic; I just realized that was very post-whorish... Must keep posts greater than 2 words...

I don't know what brand they were, but I had a friend with some very nice clamshell retracting speakers-- Surprisingly good quality for such a small package. I have seen lots of styles of portable speakers, and if I picked, I would go with some sort of folding design. Portability and protection in one!
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Originally Posted by Xenodius View Post
Necromancy ftw?
I've seen worse. Back on topic, please.
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Genius SP-i200

48mm neodymium magnet micro drivers

6watts RMS

20Hz - 20Khz (Not completely true on the low end)


Black or white
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I don't want to be hijacking this thread, but since it's a similar question, I've got one too.
What would you say are the best portable speakers right now in terms of volume/quality?
Forget size for a minute.
Would it make a difference if I said these speakers could be plugged into an electricity socket? Would that get me better sound?
Bottom line:
I'm looking for maximum volume/quality (obviously the two go together), and something that can fit in your backpack, for instance.

Edit: Unless I'm maybe going over the line.. Bass would be a serious plus.
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