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guys, one and only thing I envy you being from USA (or some of you). D2 16gb costs 6000Kc, Czech Republic, it is like 333 us dollars.

In your opinion, would it be worth it to buy it on ebay for like 229 shipping costs included, unfortunatelly with us AC power adapter?
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The US AC adapter works fine in Europe. Even if it says 110V only, it really is universal and works with 240V. I have one of those, and I just put an US>EU adapter plug on it that cost like EUR 1,-

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Originally Posted by xc43t View Post
In your opinion, would it be worth it to buy it on ebay for like 229 shipping costs included, unfortunatelly with us AC power adapter?
As long as it's from a reputable seller it's fine to get. As for the AC adapter, it's actually a universal adapter that comes w/different attachments. Should be fine for you.
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Just wanted to add an interesting comment... after searching high and low in Seoul, and even calling Cowon Corporate and going to THE department store that they claimed would definitely have the D2+ 16Gb in stock, it seems that no offline store in Korea carries the 16Gb'er. So I bought it off Amazon (since it's cheaper than Korean online shops) and hopefully it will be waiting for me when I get home to the states this weekend. Just thought it was a funny/ironic situation to share with you all.

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If anyone is interested, are stocking the D2+ 4GB DAB for 84.93 delivered and the D2+ 8GB DAB for 99.93. I've also come across which stock the standard D2+ 4GB (without the DAB tuner) for 84.00 but comes with a fitted leather case and screen protector f.o.c. (normally priced at 20)

hope this helps someone.
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Does anyone know where you can buy one in the US?
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This online dealer has the 2gb model in 5 different colors. They don't come cheap though.
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