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Default Can Creative Meet My Needs?

OK I've gone through the Sony and the SamSung with a bad taste in my mouth and some friends are recommending the Creative "Zen" Models.

So this is what I need:

Mostly a Music Player- I don't need a lot of extras like video's etc., so keep this to 1-2 Gigs.

Durable: (this thing goes to the gym), so it a stand a little banging around and water (as I sweat!), and I can wear it on my arms.

Simple: Easy Buttons that aren't so tiny (I can use with my big hands) that they are hard to use/fall apart in a few months.

Most important - easy to load and program playlist (albums) that I can decide what order I want them to play in - not through some windows default or their software default. To be able to easily drag and drop in order to play in the order I want - I choose, not just by Album, Artist, Song Number, Name ect.,

Am I looking in the right direction with Creative?
If so which model?
Or should I look else where?

Come one, come all!

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I'll have to check on playlist support for either of these players, but it sounds like what you need is either a MuVo/Nano or a Stone Plus. Both are UMS devices, which means they show up on your computer as normal removable media, so you can directly drag and drop songs onto them.

Edit: It turns out neither the MuVo/Nano nor the Stones support playlists. Tracks are played in filename sequence. Furthermore, the Stone Plus's file browser is a bit unconventional in that it doesn't display a true folder hierarchy. You can separate out your songs by folders, yes - but only folders containing tracks get displayed.

However, one thing to be aware of with players that use file/folder navigation in lieu of ID3 tag indexing is that songs will always play in alphabetical order according to filename, unless you choose a shuffle mode.

If you can live with an MTP device with ID3 Tag indexing, you might consider the Zen V Plus. It supports playlists built either on the player or on the PC. Windows Media Player 11 does a great job with Zen syncronizations, and you can build your playlists right in WMP11 and sync then straight to the player.

To be honest, though, I think one of the Meizu or Sandisk models may be more up to your needs.
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