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Smile WMP10 Vs WMP11 Total Performance

After having the usual why doesn't it work issues like everybody else. I finally took the time to see how the player handles the music and with some questions I asked here and some great help from this forum I got what I was looking for.

WMA 11 really got on my nerves the way it displayed the music in the library and how it synced to the player.

I fixed the whole issue a few weeks ago and thought I would just share what I did, if anybody is interested, so here goes.

I run my music a little different than most people, I have a whole CD on a single track, edited and sound adjusted. Seeing the player is really set up to manage single song tracks this is what I did so I could use song titles to play the CD I wanted to listen too if I didn't want to use the play lists.

I rolled back to WMP 10: I like the way the library lists the music better, in alphabetical order the way I have it ID on my hard drive.

E.g. BBking - Blues On The Bayou (This is a whole CD)

I then use MP# Tag to edit the tags (This will edit WMA & MP3 Tags)


Title: BB King - Blues On The Bayou ( Only do this because the Player reads song titles no where can I get a menu selection to read albums

Artist: BB King

Album: Blues On The Bayou

WMP 10: Just open WMP10 make sure the Library contains the folders I keep all my music in ( I have two)

Create and save some playlists basically by genre

Then I set up sync to only sysnc my play list(s) nothing more

Make sure player is in MTP mode

and sync.

Then WMP 10 removes any song I deleted from the playlists and syncs the songs I added.

Works super
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