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Originally Posted by Jeton View Post
I really enjoy the crossfade feature, and been experimenting with the settings.
What settings do you use and is there an optimal settings that sounds satisfactory for you?
My settings:

Enable Crossfade: Shuffle
Fade-In Delay:0s
Fade-In Duration:6s
Fade-Out Delay:0s
Fade-Out Duration:8s
Fade-Out Mode:Mix
Thanks! I was looking for good crossfade settings and yours works perfectly!
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Talking Dude all I got to say is....thank you

Originally Posted by m1xsz View Post
Hey there

I was about to delete Rockbox until I bumped onto your post here and pyrospheres, which definately changed my mind! I friggin' love my Sansa's sound quality I'll just post my settings here:

Bass: 5dB
Treble: 7dB

Stereo Width: 110%

Crossfeed: ON
Direct Gain: -1.5dB
Cross Gain: -6.0dB
High-Frequency Attenuation: -16.0dB
High-Frequency Cutoff: 700Hz

Dithering: ON

Crossfade: Shuffle
Fade-In Delay: 0s
Fade-In Duration: 6s
Fade-Out Delay: 0s
Fade-Out Duration: 8s
Fade-Out Mode: MIX
(Your Settings :P)

Thousand thanks to the community here <3 Rockbox ^^

Thank you man. I followed your settings and you helped me enjoy my music than ever before on my sansa clip. question. When you put crossfeed on which one did you choose because I chose the custom setting. Anyway I thank you being a listener of rock and hiphop after putting on the settings I feel like im in a dj booth because the songs flow so well. Thanks Jeton and m1xsz.
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Welcome to ABi

Please note the dates of the threads you reopen. While m1xsz would no doubt appreciate the thanks there's not much chance they'll see them as the last time they were here was 04-25-2008. If the date on a thread is this old it's better to start a new thread and refer to the one that has the information you want to bring to the front.

When this thread was first opened there wasn't a Custom setting. That came in when the Meier crossfeed setting was added to Rockbox about May 2012. Before that the settings were Crossfeed=>On/Off and the settings for Direct Gain, Cross Gain, High-Frequency Attenuation, and High-Frequency Cutoff.

The Meier crossfeed isn't configurable so there's no settings for that. It's either on or off.
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