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Default Missing 'Music' and 'Playlist' folders

Hello All,

I recently decided to purchase an e280 because I prefer a removable battery, having sucessfully Rockboxed a Fuse I am having a problem with my 'Music' and 'Playlist' folders not showing on my Windows 7 64 PC, what has gone wrong ?

What I did

1. I tried to 'Restore All' to reset to factory settings and rid myself of the previous users musics/video's/photo's on the e280, it would not let me do this so i deleted via the PC, no problems, everything showed up on the PC and i was able to delete.

2. I updated to the latest Sansa Firmware, again no problems.

3. I installed the latest build of 'Rockbox' through the automated installer, no problems.

4. I copied my 'Music' and 'Playlists' from my Fuze to the Windows desktop and copied them to the now successful Rockboxed e280, no problems everything plays correctly when in Rockbox.

5. When I connect the e280 to the PC to delete files etc or make a new playlist via 'Foobar' the 'Music' and 'Playlists' folders are not showing on the PC or Mediamonkey so I am unable to delete music etc and playaround on the PC What has gone wrong

All help very much appreciated because I am pulling my hair out over this and there is not much of my hair left now ? ;0
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