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Question T8 Disk Drive won't display on Windows (or Mac)

A while ago, my drive stopped displaying under My Computer whenever I connected the MP3 player via the USB cord. So, I would have to create a drive letter for it each time, using Manage Computer. But now that doesn't even work. It says volume "not enabled" restart to enable.

Under MacOSX, it used to recognize the drive immediately (even when Windows didn't work). Now, Mac can't even read it, but does offer the ability to erase it (the repair option isn't available).

And of course, when the T8 is disconnected from a computer and I press the "on" button, it just freezes at the "System Loading" screen (apparently, it's running 1.34).

Any suggestions?

Should I use the erase function on Mac? It offers a couple of options for the format, "MS DOS" etc. etc.

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Default Am I the only person who has ever had this problem?

I have the t8 inserted in a computer that I've never used before, it shows 'mass storage device,' 'Generic volume E' and, 'usb disk 20x drive'

when I try to open it I get "Please insert a disk into drive E"

I can't even format it; I just get the same message (above).
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Default Sometimes the most primitive solutions work best...

I noticed a rattling sound whenever I'd shake the t8, so... it's not much of a stretch to assume that something inside was loose (probably from being dropped one time too many)

So, I turned it on. The screen froze (as usual), but then I started banging it around--success! The screen loaded, and a song started playing. I plug it into my PC and boom, windows asks me if I want to play/view files, etc.

This is still obviously a precarious situation, but I'll ride it out until I feel like throwing money on a new player.
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Great, you have it working again... and now we know the secrets of Samsung's repair service.
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