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Default Clix Charging Screen? (Not related to battery)

Hey guys, this is my first time on this forum. Great to see so much coverage about a great MP3 player - I have had my Clix 2GB for at least a year now and I am still loving it.

Anyways what I want to ask you guys is that for the first time I ran my Clix until the battery was literally almost dead (when the empty battery icon is blinking). When I hooked it back up to my PC to charge, it showed a screen I've never seen before - basically it looks like this (in the middle of the screen):

[icon animation of battery charging]
Please be patient...

It is all black with white lettering. Normally when i recharge the battery it shows the main Clix screen or animation if it has been off for more than a day or two and the itty bitty battery gauge in the upper right corner does its charging animation thing. Does anyone know how to / if there is a way to make the Clix use the charging screen that I described above (black/white text) to show every time I recharge the battery? It is not a big deal but I kind of like that more. I believe the screen I saw is related to this, since I have my Clix as a MTP device (using only Windows Explorer) (see Power and Data / Data mode)

Another question I had is that sometimes even though it is hooked up to the computer and recharging - it will STOP recharging (when it reaches 100% I believe) and start discharging on its own while still connected to the PC. I have just upgraded to 2.01 so I don't know if it has been fixed, but has anyone else had this problem?

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