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Default How to remove water from your LCD Screen

Well, I thought I should make a thread to save your Zen Vision:M's by telling you how to remove that water from your LCD screen from a bath, dunk in a puddle, etc. Since, you know I was lucky for her replies to fix my player.

And all credits go to ZenChick, the person who helped me and told me what to do. So credits goes to her.

Here it is:


This is for people who can't take there player apart. I do not guarantee or responsible that your player is completely fixed or gets ruined.

Originally Posted by ZenChick
Originally Posted by vi3tboik3v
Well first of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. And the question is that when I read your several posts across many threads for removing the water out of the screen of the Zen Vision:M, I was wondering what method do you think is the best? *no taking apart the player*

Thank you very much!
Hi Kevin!

Let me guess - you gave your player a bath!

Okay, short of taking your player apart, the best thing you can do is to stand it on its end, data port down, and leave it like that for 2-3 days. Do not attempt to turn on or charge the player during this time!

Only after you're sure it's completely dry inside, you may try to power it on and assess its condition.

Best of luck!
Originally Posted by ZenChick
Originally Posted by vi3tboik3v
Actually it was from the BSE skin. (ironic, eh?)
Well I will do that then for 3 days. Does it has to be in a certain area (like outside in sun, etc.) or can it be inside my house?
Inside the house should be fine.
Any other techniques, tips, etc. are welcomed.
Again, many thanks to the wonderful ZenChick.

EDIT 6/8/07:

Here are some sites I have bookmarked for drying your Vision:M. The links are not all Zen Vision:M, but they are the like or closely similar. NOTE: Some of the methods are different and require opening up the player. To open up the player, search it at site

Hope that helps anyone.

EDIT 6/9/2007: Thanks Lawrence for the link on how to disassemble your Zen Vision:M.
How to fix your Zen Vision:M when water gets in your screen.

MP3 player-less. Waiting till summer for choices on players. Suggestions?

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