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Default Creative PoPz

Hi guys,

I bought the Creative PoPz portable speakers... mainly because they don't need batteries or an external power source to work... but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them?

I paid 30 for them which I think was pretty good! I was going to buy a "cheaper" version of the TravelDock Z500 [which I will eventually buy... probably when I go to the states in Dec.] so I'm hoping these speakers will tie me over until then...

Comments would be appreciated
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pics please?
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courtesy of google

anyways, unpowered speakers are rarely a good aidea, as it means they do not have an amp and hence won't play very loud. The z500 dock however looks very nice
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How have you found them anamo?
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Just got them today guys!


I bought them from ebay as they aren't available in Creative's European store [and plus they were much cheaper on ebay]


I cannot believe these little things can pack SUCH a punch! I was going to invest in a TravelDock Z500 but no way am I going to now!

These little babies are SO clear and perfect. They have the prefect bass for every song, even at full volume the songs and movies have clear perfect sound!

I'm sure those who are much more experienced in audio equipment will find little faults here and there but for me these are perfect.

I have them sitting on my shelf beside my bed and they are the perfect alternative to an actual stereo system.

They are lightweight - So I can carry them around with me
They don't need batteries - They use power from your DAP... On average I get 12/13 hrs of playback on my ZVM at full volume, with these I get about 10/11hrs playback at full volume.
You can change the pouch they come in [but this has to be bought seperately, you don't get a change of pouch with the product]

I paid €32 inc. p&p on ebay. They are genuine Creative PoPz, factory sealed and Creative branded. They are a superb alternative to a TravelDock

I'm such a happy bunny with these!
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sounds like a good deal to me =)
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That's amazing, hon! I'm curious about how loud they are - how far away can you get from them before they start to sound unintelligible? Would they make good desktop speakers?
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Well I was cleaning the house yesterday and wandered away from them [I had them up at full volume because ya'know things just sound better loud]

Now my room is at the back of the house, and I could still hear them when I was at the bottom of the stairs which is like... ^^^^^ over there lol

And I could hear them perfectly... obviously not as loud... But I could still hear them
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