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Default Open letter to Samsung

I'm a happy owner of your audio player T9 and enjoy it's qualities. One of the reasons I purchased it, is that it supports the free Ogg Vorbis audio codec. Samsung seems to be quite interested in Open Source projects. Besides using the Ogg Vorbis codec, the player and the accompanying software Samsung Media Studio also use the XVid video codec. I also read that even the operating system of the player is based on Linux. I can understand your company's choices. I'm a Linux user myself because I prefer having freedom of choice to being dependent on the choices of a monopoly.

The T9 comes with a firmware featuring MTP connectivity. MTP is only supported by Microsoft Windows so far. Thanks to the forum I found out that your company also released a firmware that allows to connect to other operating systems, like Linux. That's great.

What is not so great is that I had to find a computer with Microsoft Windows installed in order to flash the firmware on the player. For me, this was quite a hassle costing me more than half a day. (The Windows system also needed some updates, etc. Take a look at the problems described in a lot of posts in the aforementioned forum and you know what I'm talking about.)

You could easily choose a more consumer friendly approach here. For example, you could pre-load both the MTP and the UMS firmware images on the player. This would just use about 14 MB. A menu option could allow to choose which one to install. Or, as a quick fix, you could decide to pre-install the UMS version and provide the MTP version on the CD-ROM. This way, independent of the operating system, the user could still choose to limit his device to only work with Windows Media Player. Even for non-technical people flashing the firmware would be quite easy if the player would be shown in the file explorer from the beginning on.

Please respect the choice of customers. Some are not willing to use Microsoft Windows. We might not represent an important market share yet, but our number is growing...

I posted this here in order to get some feedback, suggestions and corrections - english is not my mother tongue. I would be happy if somebody has ideas how to get in contact with the people at Samsung who are making these decisions. Customer support would probably just reply with some standard text module.
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