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Default Replacing Parts

Replacing Sansa Parts

During the life of your Sansa, parts may wear down, break, or no longer work properly. Replacing things such as the battery are easy, while things such as the daughterboard aren't so easy. Prices can also vary depending on where the replacement part is bought and what part it is.

Battery Replacement
One of the least expensive replacements, as well as one of the easiest. During the life of your Sansa, its battery, like all others, will not hold a long charge. SanDisk offers a battery replacement kit on their website, although replacement batteries can also be found elsewhere.
Battery Installation
  • Turn off the Sansa, if it is not already.
  • On the back cover, there are four screws. Remove them.
  • Remove the back cover of the Sansa. On newer models, this is easier, although it may require using a flat screwdriver or similar to remove it.
  • Grab the lower portion of the battery, and remove it.
  • Insert the new battery. Make sure the battery contacts are touching.
  • Place the back cover back on the Sansa.
  • Optional: Turn on the Sansa to confirm that the battery was properly installed.
  • Screw the four screws back into the Sansa.

Faceplate Replacement
Sometimes random things happen that cause the faceplate of the Sansa to crack or otherwise become damaged. SanDisk says that they can't sell faceplates separately, so you must either ignore the crack/damage, or buy a used Sansa. When buying a used Sansa, keep in mind that it doesn't matter if it works, as long as the faceplate on the used one is still in good condition. Unless the other models are cheap, and you want a new Sansa altogether, aim for buying a used Sansa e250.

Replacing the Faceplate
  • Once you have your replacement faceplate, follow the directions in Remove the front cover to remove the faceplates from both Sansas.
  • Place the faceplate on the Sansa, snapping each tab back in to the Sansa.
  • Repeat for the other Sansa if needed.
  • Screw the four smaller screws back into the Sansa.
  • Place the battery back in (if removed)
  • Place the back cover back on the Sansa, screwing in the four screws holding it together.

Replacing/Adding Memory
At times, the Sansa's internal memory may become damaged, usually from a large drop or by liquid shorting it. Another reason for replacing the memory is to replace it with one from another series (2GB to 4GB for example). SanDisk, of course, does not sell these parts, and therefore you must get another Sansa to swap the memory. However, if you're doing this because your Sansa's internal memory is faulty or is not working at all, you can contact SanDisk and explain what happened, and they may RMA your Sansa. Directions for swapping the memory can be found in the Memory Swap thread.

Other parts
With the exception of the battery, SanDisk does not sell any other replacement parts. If another part of your Sansa is broken, you can either purchase a new Sansa altogether, or buy a used Sansa that has a different problem. Replacing other parts varies, but can often be figured out by following the directions for removing the faceplate, or the directions for the memory swap.

If your screen broke by itself, as can happen, contact Sandisk and ask for RMA, explain the situation, it won't be the first time they've heard it.
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