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Default PC Freezes

I picked up an e140 1gb Sansa mp3 player today and it seemed to be working fine until i plugged it into my PC. Once i plug it in it totally locks up my PC. I cant type, Move my mouse or anything and even the clock is frozen. I've tried several different USB ports with several different USB cables and nothing seems to work.

I called up tech support and his wonderful advice was "Try it on a different computer." Unfortunately im only 1 person and therefore own 1 PC. I'm going on vacation in a couple of days and would really like for this to be fixed and working but i dont know what to do.

Any ideas?
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Cmon, Anyone?
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I am Martin.This is my first visit to site.I am new to this site,but I’ve enjoyed posting in your forums.Welcome to the forum.First you have solved this problem,after you can go on vacation.You need a technical support.USB ports are not supported,so you will try to different USB ports.Thank you very much and Stay connected with me.
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