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Default Tips and Tricks for the Z5...

Be creative with the "Shuffle by Composer" option:

The "Shuffle by Composer" option on the Z5 can be customized to anything you like. All you have to do is right click your track (or tracks) in the music library window of WMP 10 to acces the "Advanced Tag Editor." Click the "Artist Info" tab and you'll be able to edit the "Composer" field with the adjective of your choice. Here are a few suggestions:

Want to play your music by Mood? No problem! Simply replace the Composer tags with words such as Nostalgic, Playful, Dreamy, and Sexy and your Z5 will be prepped and ready to go! (This comes in handy for people who use their DAP's as a jukebox for powered speakers in the bedroom )

Alternatively, you could also use the Composer fields to reflect different situations, ie. Road Trip, Meditation, or Jogging. Really the possibilites are only limited to your imagination. Even though the retagging process can be time comsuming, the payoff gives Z5 users an exclusive customized parameter for playing their music.

Optimize your photo browsing experience:

Synchronize with Windows Media Player 10 (or 11) to transfer all your photos

Window Media Player automatically resizes your photos to a Z5 friendly VGA resolution (640x480 for landscape orientation; 360x480 for portrait orientation). You COULD use a seperate image editor to resize your photos to 800x600 for slightly better results (most of the Samsung Wallpapers use this resolution), but its not really worth the extra effort IMHO. I've tested with many different resolutions and I've found that the VGA resolution provides an acceptable balance between image quality and the amount of refresh time it takes for images to display. Syncing photos via WMP also saves a LOT of space -- 2 MB photos get reduced to a much more efficient size of 50-100 KB!

Organize your photos with Windows Explorer

WMP 10 does NOT give the user control over how pictures are categorized on the Z5. All images, in other words, are placed in the Pictures folder on the Z5. If you have a large quantity of photos on the Z5, you can use Windows Explorer on your PC to help organize your Z5 photo collection. Here's how it works:

1) Assuming that you've already synced your photo collection (using WMP) to the Z5, set up an MTP connection with your PC and open up the Z5 icon that is displayed in the "My Computer" directory.

2) Navigate to your photo collection (open the Media Folder, then the Pictures Folder) and select all your images; Cut and Paste them to your desktop.

3) Create new folders on your desktop (eg. Family, Friends, Vacation, Pets, Girlfriend, etc...) and click and drag your Z5 images accordingly.

4) Drag the newly assembled folders back to the Pictures folder on the Z5

After you've done this, you'll find that your new photo folders are recognized by the Z5 GUI. This provides a superior photo browsing experience for large photo collections. Its a much better alternative than trying to navigate to a single photo that is shared with a multitude of other images.

Picture Error Fix

For problematic images that refuse to display on the Z5 (you'll see a Picture Error message when this happens), try resaving them with a different/basic imaging program such as MS Paint or PictureGear Studio. The simple act of resaving a problematic image(s) with a different program creates a new file that is compatible with the Z5. You can transfer your newly saved images via WMP or simply drag them to the 'Pictures' folder on your device. I'm not sure why this works, but it does! (Thanks goes to Slaughter for finding this fix)


Main Menu Shortcut:

Press and hold the Menu button (the top arrow buton on the outer square ring) and it will take you straight to Main Menu. This is useful if you are navigating somewhere deep within a (sub)context menu.

Wallpaper Shortcuts:

In Picture mode, navigate to the desired thumbnail and press and hold the Select button (anywhere on the entire touchpad) until you see the message "Set Wallpaper"

You can also switch the wallpaper in the Welcome Screen by using a light tap on the touchpad (typically to the left or right) and you will see the wallpaper switch accordingly -- sometimes this takes a second or two so be patient for the switch to occur.

I'm going to make this thread Sticky so feel free to add your thoughts and I'll affix them to the list accordingy!


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