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Default AKG k412p user review

The AKG k412p is in with Koss Portapro and SSennheiser px100 as ultraportable open headphones. It cost about $40-50 or more depending on your location. The k412p is as far as I can understand either a special edition or a new version of the k24p, which is a well known headphone.

I'm sorry to report that the k412p has the same design when it comes to headband as the Koss PortaPro. Some might like that solution - I don't. The headband consists of two metal half-bands that are connect through two plastic knobs. You adjust the size by adjusting how much these two bands will overlap - and that's where the problem lies for this design; while easy and durable, this will grab your hair and it will get stuck between the two bands more often than should be, and logically when you take the headphones off the hair will follow. This is really annoying in my opinion, and what I and many others hate the most about this design. Another thing I noticed was that the headband is very tight, it will almost strangly you if you have it around your neck. Because of this, these headphones are useless to me - I need to have headphones that I can have around my neck without them being in the way, like the px100, and these are definately in the way and you notice very well when they're there. If you don't need to have them around your neck, then this is not an issue, of course.

The k412p will definately not fall off your head - it sits hard, too hard for my liking, but these will be very good for joggers, I imagine. The cans and padds are bigger than the px100, which is nice, they don't nag the ears so much and they feel like they sit better. The cans on the k412p can also be twisted to the side, but to different sides - so if you fold them, the padds face eachother . This method isn't as "compressing" as on the px100, but it's way better than the portapro where you are left with a folded lump since the cans on the portapro don't twist anywhere. With the k412p you get a pouch, not as nice as the hardcase on the px100, but still it's useful if you're going to have them in a backpack or similar.

Open Headphones:
As mentioned in the px100 user review, open headphones let in and out more sound and background noise than other phones. The k412p is also open, so if you're unsure about what that means for the listening experience, check out the px100 review.

Sound quality:
All my headphones can be run on pretty much the same EQ/BBE settings on my D2 - px100, cx300, UR40, DT231 and KSC75. With the k412p, this tradition was broken. I'm very sensitive to high frequencies, so my views on those should be taken lightly, but none the less: the k412p has WAY more noticable higher frequencies than anything I have. I had to set the EQ to -10 and -12 (-12 is as far down as it goes) on the last two bands to live with it. This can work both ways, if you love higher frequencies than this might be the headphone for you. I still think, even with my sensitivity for high frequencies, that the k412p is a bit over the top - but as i said, take that view lightly
When I had set the EQ so I was satisfied, the k412p's sounded a lot better in my ears. The bass is good and detailed (frequency respoinse of 13-27000 hZ if my memory serves me right), and now that the high frequencies were dampened, the bass was more apparent (i use mach3bass bass enhancement at max after all) and the higher frequencies were still more than present enough for me. I don't know how much distortion it brings, dampening it so much, but I didn't hear anything specific in this matter.
All in all, the sound is more than good enough for portable use, if the source has an EQ

I must admit I wasn't happy with this purchase. I imagine that these phones were designed or at least ended up as being for another use than mine. Forget about having these around your neck all day like I sometimes have to do, you'll not be able to breath in the end. But if you jog/train, I think these will be better suited, as they sit very well on the head. I also imagine that these will be useful in the winter, for us who have real winters and use beanies
On the list of ultraportable headphones, this rank way under the px100 on my list, but a tad ahead of the portapro because though the high frequencies have taken over, the lower ones are still there underneath.

(click for high resolution)
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