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I Use Creative EP-630's and they sound great. although i really want some CrossRoads Mylarone X3's, which im betting sound 100X better.. ahh so awesome.
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from experience skullcandy have horrible frequency responses.
Need help with Zen Vision M chargers? DVD ripping?
Useful tools: Exact Audio copy to rip your CDs and mp3tag to organise.
SUPER to convert videos and music.
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Originally Posted by jessy View Post

btw, if you think my idea of returning a product after a few days usage is immoral, i am sorry but test driving a car would seem immoral by those standards since its the same thing on a shorter basis with a 100+ times more expensive product.
haha what is this "immoral" you speak of?

btw had to spend the funds for the ZVM to buy college stuff. Got myself a PC, but I'm stilll rockin the Gen 2 nano T.T

Think I can afford something now, so I'm considering the new flash based ZEN. I perfer flash to HDD (I'm clumsy), and the SD expanison is like a miracle...

much as I hate to admit it though, the web browser on the new iPod touch tempts me to return to the dark side, even witrhout flash support.

I made a new thread for that topic, so if anyone is still interested they can post there or just continue replying here
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I think you'll make the right choice with the new Zen if you prefer flash. Some say it has issues with the SD slot, but it does what it has to do. It's a solid player. I finally handled one yesterday. My friend got the Zen 8GB off Amazon. If you want to order one, get it off Amazon. Free shipping heheh...
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